The Origin System
Home of a human civilization once reigned by the Orokin, now a battleground of destitution, infestations, and invasion by the biomechanical Sentients. A legacy of secrets and mysteries await here, as does a terrible past and a perhaps more terrible future if destiny is not swayed.
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The Tau System
Twelve light years from the Origin System is a system of similar structure and stellar class. The slo-ship sent by the Orokin with their biomechanoid creations was meant to prepare the system for their eventual arrival. The Sentients made a calculation and decided otherwise. Now, this place is Machine territory...
Orokin Cluster
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The Legacy of the Orokin [Update 1.1]
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Mar 19, 2019 19:56:19 GMT
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A long lost cluster far from the Orion Spur opposite the galactic core, home to the near-humans known as the Orokin in the past, and now the center of a conflict that could tear the region apart if allowed to continue.
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