Arcanus Military Industries
A relatively minor player within the political landscape of the Alliance, Arcanus Military Industries nevertheless possesses a unique role within Confed space, as well as the more isolated regions of the near side of the Andromeda Galaxy. Ever eager for new knowledge, their martial nature and large population of Terrans has led to the company declaring an official policy of neutrality in order to placate voices within the Galactic Federation that continue to hold the view that humanity is a violent and primitive species. Perhaps another more unusual aspect of AMI is their policy of taking only hard currencies as payment for goods and services unless the payment is part of a government contract. Being a meritocracy, they recruit with little regard for species, gender, or any other aspect, provided that allegiance to AMI is given. Even so, there appears to be a heavy bias in favor of Terrans, even if nothing official supports this.
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Industrial sub-factions encompasses anything that is business or trade related. These are the sub-factions who started out as businesses or trade unions.
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