The War Room
This is the place where all threads will be posted from now on. If you are going to be posting a storyline in the group, give us a brief outline of what to expect in here. Also include who will be included in this thread, including those who will be late joiners. You can dress it up or make it as plain as you'd like. This is just a way to keep track of what's going on.
last post Sept 4, 2019 18:04:50 GMT First Contact - Steiner Forces Plot Thread
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Plot Planning
If you're looking to plot with someone, post an advertisement in here. Or if you'd like to get more people involved in something. This is the place to do all of that.
last post Jul 19, 2019 3:17:33 GMT The Wraith Hunt (Emergence of a Creeping Unknown)
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Adventure Log
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Site Plot
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The plot of the group, as well as current subplots will be listed here.
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